• Robert Mediros - The Clarences

    De Young Museum Art Slam 2012

    View our submissions to digital Art Slam 2012, part of Access Advisors' Open House and Disabilities Art Festival.

  • Kent Wise

    De Young Museum Art Slam 2010

    View the submissions of CWC artists to Art Slam 2010.

  • Yuri Medeiros - Flower of Light

    De Young Museum Art Slam 2009

    View submissions of CWC artists to Art Slam 2009 - A Digital Art Exhibit shown at the museum March 27-28, 2009

  • Jenny Morgan Bamboo

    De Young Museum Art Slam 2007

    View the submissions of CWC artists to a slide show exhibition screened at the de Young Museum in San Francisco on a special day for artists with disabilities.

  • Mersties Garden

    Stephen Ternullo

    I like my art, been into it since 1995. It's fun, makes me feel better. As I create it makes moods, maybe bad, into shining images of life. I like it, good for me, and it will always be with me and a part of me.

  • Alien

    Wilma Tichy

    I thought I could never do art at all. I thought I could never draw. I'd seen good art and I felt inferior. "How do they do that?" I'd think. CLC Art Threrapy Group led by Arline Harman-Rodini allowed me to just doodle and the doodles turned into drawing as I kept coming to group. Everything else is just Art History.

  • Paranoid

    Carrie Oyama

    Doing artwork is my expressive voice. It saved my life. When I don't do art, I feel grouchy. Art givs me spirit, focus, concentration, and energy!

  • Untitled

    Charles Smith

    I enjoy doing art. I like doing art at CLC where there are other people doing art and the studio is very nice.

  • Dark Castle

    Crystal Lachman

    Being disabled can be like being trapped in a prison over looking a raveen. Art is freeing. It puts me on a moonlit path of discovery, transforming silence into expression, sorrow into beauty, and despair into hope.

  • Sunrise

    Dennis Powell

    I began at about 3 years old, colored pencils; have a BA in Fine Art from California College of Art and have been doing art all my life. My favorite media are oil and oil pastels. CLC art class has benefited me more than anything in life, giving me art. Art gives me life.

  • Happy Kitty

    Elaine Steele

    I like depicting every day life and the history it speaks to us. We are historians through our art, encompasing all emotions that we all have in every day wakings.

  • Untitled 4

    Eric Buschmann

    All my work is about myself, my modes, states of being, and perception of the world. With the CLC art program, my work has restarted after a number of unproductive years. The art program fosters a positively creative environment. Art is a consolation for the undeniable alienation and estrangement from the communities and individuals I live among.

  • Whiteboard Art

    Farewell Mark Shotwell

  • From Isolation to Connection

    Franna Lusson

    Drawing has been the most immediate expression for me, capturing marks, movement, and gesture. I love drawing animals, birds, and people. Making art opens up the world for me and keeps me from feeling like a tormented little shell of a person.

  • 6

    Jader Tadefa

    I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, I started drawing my own comic book characters. The best part of being an artist is when people like my drawings.

  • Cat in Cactus

    Kate McCorkle

    Watercolor painting allows such freedom with the paint brush. But I never could have grown much as an artist and a painter without sharing art groups with Creative Living Center artists and teachers. Thank You.

  • Dog

    Margo Sparks

    Art - something to do when there's darkness all around. Nice things can come from the darkness if you do art whether you feel like it or not. The staff at CLC know this and help people find themselves through art.

  • Head

    Vita O'Shea

    Since childhood I have used art as a means of understanding and responding to destructive personal and social conditions. My art merges internal and external environments and I often use painting, drawing and sculpture to give form to mental and emotional processes so that I can re-define them. I recently discovered the CLC and am grateful for the supportive community and resources I have found there.

  • risa 9

    Risa Redden

    I like to draw faces. The pictures displayed here are fantasies that came out of my mind and onto the paper.

  • Structure

    Ken Reddick