Homeless Outreach and Stabilization Team (HOST)

We are pleased to announce that in November 2006, Bonita House was selected by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services to operate a new Mental Health Services Act program for chronically homeless people with mental illnesses.

The new program, called the Homeless Outreach and Stabilization Team (HOST), began in March 2007 and focuses on the Northern Alameda County area from Hayward to Albany.

The HOST team is a “Full Service Partnership,” based on the success of programs funded over the last seven years through State Assembly Bill 2034. Full Service Partnerships are resource-rich programs with 24/7 staffing and flexible funds to meet various client needs.

The team maintains low caseloads with many services offered in the field where homeless people congregate. This allows the team to do “whatever it takes” to assist clients on their road to housing and recovery.

HOST clients will have dramatic improvements in housing stability, increased employment and education opportunities, and fewer hospitalizations and incarcerations.

Services provided by the HOST multidisciplinary team include:

  • Housing subsidies and support so that chronically homeless people can enter and maintain safe, affordable, permanent housing.
  • Supported employment services, with a range of paid and volunteer opportunities.
  • Integrated primary care services, psychiatric services, wellness and recovery planning.
  • Peer and family support services.
  • Trauma–informed services to help homeless men and women cope with the traumas so common to life on the street.
  • Benefits advocacy and payee services.
  • 24/7 crisis intervention and support.

At Bonita House, we actively solicit feedback from those we serve in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our programs. Please click here for the most recent results of our Client Satisfaction Surveys for the HOST Program.

In addition to tracking client satisfaction, the HOST program also generates yearly reports of objective service outcomes, which include information on partner health profiles, diabetes management, psychiatric hospitalizations, incarcerations, homelessness, employment, and education. Please click here to see the most recent HOST Outcome report. 

As of 2017, referrals to the HOST program are only through Alameda County’s Home Stretch list.  Information about Home Stretch and the referral packet forms are available at .